geplakte afbeelding-661-1

Nederlands Zilvermuseum 29-02-2024 t/m 27-10-2024

Hello visitor,

In A BEJEWELLED FEAST, I show a spectacle of colors and materials, of new and old work, to surprise and challenge the visitor to dive into my world, where it is not about the value of the materials but about the beauty of it.

The big, bold beauties will certainly be a topic of conversation and I hope to bring about an other look at jewellery in the viewer.

This retrospective exhibition shows surprising combinations that are incorporated in the handmade jewellery and objects: strong, powerful shapes, carrier of a message and that radiate both harmony and contrast, but above all are an unbreakable unity.

It will not surprise the viewer that nature and its preservation play an important role in my life as maker. The constantly changing world, between global warming and the destruction of the natural environment, means that I hope to change the outer world with my inner world.

geplakte afbeelding-661-1